Sunday, August 18, 2013

Changing of the seasons; RHEL/CentOS code push/update; Autosnort milestones posted.

    So here we are, at the end of August. Defcon has came and went, summer vacation is coming to close, and labor day is right around the corner. I don't consider summer officially over until Labor Day has come and passed, but why postpone it?

On that note, I've been busy in the lab, and have a whole host of updates that I'm dropping tonight for Autosnort. 99% of these updates are specific to the RHEL/CentOS release, that has been long neglected -- much longer neglected than the other distro scripts. The last update you all saw for RHEL/CentOS was sometime in April. The last major blog post you saw was in regards to the 9 layers of hell I traversed to make Snorby work on CentOS with SELinux enabled, then I disappeared for summer break. So, without further adieu, here's what's happening:

- Updated the entire look and feel of the main autosnort installation script. CentOS/RHEL users now have the metasploit like prompts just like the Debian and Ubuntu users. Only things the user should be aware of are printed to the screen now:

    - Status updates are in blue (e.g. [*] this indicates what autosnort is doing currently)
    - Notifications are in yellow (e.g. [*] this indicates something the user needs to pay attention to (such as a prompt, or something they may want to note somehow))
    - Successful modifications are in green (e.g. [*] this indicates whatever autosnort was doing was successful)
    - Unsuccessful modifcations/installations are in red (e.g. [*] something bad happened. You'll probably want to get a hold of me and give me the log files for your installation, so it can be resolved)

- Speaking of logging, the installations scripts no longer spew output all over your screen buffer. Thanks to neat trick I picked up from stack exchange, the output of every major command is saved in two separate log files in /var/log:

    -/var/log/autosnort_install.log -- contains output from all the major commands ran from the main autosnort installation script
    -/var/log/[interfacename]_install.log -- contains output from all the major commands ran from the interface installation script for the interface you chose to install.

- The main autosnort installation script and all the web interface installation scripts have been updated with the new metasploit-like prompts and the background logging. This includes:


- All web interface installation scripts for RHEL derivatives have had their DocumentRoot and Directory directives reconfigured to serve out the web interface of your choice. This means all you have to do is point your web browser to the ip address of your sensor's management interface, and provided you reconfigured ip tables to allow port 80 inbound, your web interface will pop up automatically.
- All web interface installation scripts for RHEL-based distros are 100% compatible with SELinux
- All web interface installation scripts for RHEL-based distros have had the ownership of DocumentRoot changed to the apache user and group
-Fixed minor grammatical and syntactical errors littered throughout the script.    

- Apparently at some point between now and june, the passenger output directory for the binary changed the name of the directory from "libout" to "buildout". sigh. consistency is awesome, don't you agree? I only discovered this during testing passenger during the CentOS testing process.
- In an effort to make the mysql installs uniform between all autosnort builds and promote better security, I've made the mysql-server installation for Ubuntu and Debian silent, but now, just like with the CentOS script, the /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation script is ran as a part of autosnort. huzzah for better secured databases.
- Same as the CentOS script, found minor grammatical and syntactical errors littered all over the script. Found and fixed what I could.

Code push should be happening tonight before init 1 for the night. As usual, the scripts are open source and are available on the autosnort github:

While we're on the topic of github, I've posted some milestones that officially lay out where I want to take autosnort next -- things I want to accomplish with it. Have a look, see if I'm missing something:

And last, but not least... The new project ideas I spoke of in my last blog post? I'm holding a meeting at our local hackerspace about one of them in particular, the passive OS fingerprinting project, trying to get some helping hands with it and make it more of a success. If you're in the Maryland/DC/VA area, come to unallocated space on the 25th so we can get a project outline hashed out.



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