Friday, August 23, 2013

autosnort: compatible with Linux Mint

This is a really quick post. I've installed Linux mint on my person desktop at home, and out of curiousity, decided to try to run autosnort on mint to verify whether or not any of my build scripts were compatible. Well, the ubuntu autosnort script is 100% compatible with mint.

I'm aware that mint is primarily a desktop operating system, but if you're interested in running it on a Mint desktop as a sort of personal single workstation IDS, here's what to do:

1. Get a root shell: sudo /bin/bash
2. wget
3. unzip
4. copy the autosnort-ubuntu-[date].sh script and an interface installation script to /root
5. run "bash autosnort-ubuntu-[date].sh"
6. run through the prompts as normal.
7. At the very end, when the script asks you whether or not you want to reboot, choose NO.
8. sudo vi or sudo gedit /etc/rc.local and modify the ifconfig eth0 line.
It initially reads: ifconfig eth0 up -arp -multicast promisc
make it read: ifconfig eth0 up promisc
9. save the file.
10. either reboot, or run "sudo bash /etc/rc.local"
11. Open firefox, or the web browser of your choice. type "localhost" in the address bar. You should be greeted by the web UI of your choosing.
12. ps -ef | grep snort will confirm whether or not snort and/or barnyard2 are running.

Yes, I know I've said in the past that managing your IDS on the same interface you're sniffing on, or having your sniffing interface be addressable isn't a good thing, but those are for DEDICATED IDS installations, this little "hack" is meant for users who want to drop snort on their personal workstation as an added layer of security.



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