Friday, June 7, 2013

Autosnort: MSF edition

Working on some changes to Autosnort.

After seeing Darkoperator's MSF Installer script, I wanted to change how Autosnort operates a little bit.

You see, one of the cool things about metasploit is that It will log to hell and back if things are or are not working, but while you're actually running it, It only tells you what you need to know:
 "This is what I'm trying to do right now"
"This good thing happened"
"This bad thing happened"
"This is something to be aware of."

Keeping this in mind, and heavily ganking the notification printing code from darkoperator, in combination with a crazy named pipe trick I found via stack overflow, I'm changing how autosnort presents information.

As it stands currently, Autosnort, to put it bluntly, pukes all over the terminal/screen buffer. If something exploded in a bloody mess or failed to install correctly, you may see it and may be able to capture it in a screen shot and report it back to me, or you may not. Digital gods only know.

The way I've re-written the script, the only thing that gets printed to the screen are status messages indicating what the script is doing, good/bad messages to let you know if something failed or succeeded, and notifications that are sort of a "I need your input here" or "Pay attention to this!"

Apt-get (with the exception of the mysql-server installation that REQUIRES user input), configuration, compiler and all other output is redirected to log files.

For those of you who like seeing autosnort puke all over the screen or actually seeing what's going on behind the scenes, I found a nifty hack via stack overflow that uses mkfifo and named pipe magic to log everything from the script into a log file. No more running script to log output, no more screenshots, if you have a problem, you can e-mail me the output from the main autosnort script and/or the child interface installation scripts.

As of right now, I'm piloting this out on Debian, and it just looks slick. So far, I have the main script re-written and snorby's installation script re-written in this format. The other interface installers should fall in line easily enough, Snorby is the most complicated install I scripted out.

I haven't officially released either scripts out to github because I'm working on a couple other issues as well:

-- Support for both Debian 6 AND Debian 7 in the autosnort-debian main script
The only problem I'm seeing here at this point is that (for barnyard2) installs in three different places in Debian 6 32/64 and Debian 7 32/64:
/usr/lib (Deb 6 32 and 64 bit)
/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu (Deb 7 32)
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gne (Deb 7 64)

so I'm testing out a work-around involving the 'find' command and 'dirname' to fix this once and for all.

-- Support for Ubuntu 13.04
It's a short-term release, but some want to see support for it. It also appears to have an issue finding

My theory is, if I can get find/dirname tested/working on Debian 6/7, likely I can get it to work between Ubuntu 12 and 13.04, hell I might be able to merge the Debian and Ubuntu autosnort scripts into a single script (since this was one of slight differences between the two).

So there's that.

I'm going to try and include a screenshot down here to preview what to expect, but so far, Blogger has somehow managed to not get my photos attached to my blog posts every time I've tried to use them.

First try:

Second try:
Via my twitter

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