Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Short and Sweet

Autosnort users,

Two things to be aware of:

1) the pulledpork auto rule download functionality appears to be broken right now. This is due to a lack of forethought on my part on believing that there wouldn't be less than 30 days between two versions of snort being released. Working on fixing this as we speak.

2) I'm working pretty hard on automating installation of Snorby. Snorby is an ambitious project and a beautiful web interface, but the Documentation hasn't seen updates in over a year, and things that should be simple now have Ruby, rails and all the dependency hell that comes with it. It's coming together, slowly but surely.

Until next time.

Update: yesterday evening the snort rules were made available to registered users. This sort of invalidates the fix I'm putting into autosnort, but I'm still going to do it to prevent this from happening again. Also still working on a snorby script.

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