Sunday, March 31, 2013

Redhat/CentOS init script!

Hello AS and regular snort users,

I wanted to announce that I have developed an init script compatible with CentOS/Redhat variants for autosnort installations (of course, this script can easily be adapted to other snort snort installations.

This init script can be used to replace /etc/rc.local as the primary method of starting up snort and barnyard2, and includes the added bonus of allow you to start/stop/restart snort and barnyard2 without requiring a reboot or sourcing /etc/rc.local if you need to make changes to snort or barnyard2. To add this script to CentOS 6.x perform the following tasks as root (or via sudo/root permissions):

    1. Copy the snortbarn script to /etc/init.d
    2. Edit the variables near the top of the script to suit your snort installation (the only variable that you should need to modify is the snort_iface variable if you installed snort/barnyard2 via autosnort)
    3. Make the snortbarn script is executable for the root user (chmod 700 snortbarn)
    4. Run chkconfig --add snortbarn
    5. Remove the entries for ifconfig, snort, and barnyard2 from /etc/rc.local (note: you may want to make a backup of the rc.local script in case you run into bugs/problems with the init script!)
    6. Kill your current snort/barnyard processes that ran from rc.local (killall snort && killall barnyard2)
    7. Run the command "service snortbarn start"
    8. check the process list to ensure that snort and barnyard2 are running after calling the init script. ( "ps -ef | grep snort" will return snort and barnyard2, if either/both processes are running. If only one process or the other is visible, something is wrong)

Troubleshooting steps: I'm not entirely sure why but there are CRLF/LF formatting problems with this script. If you get a bunch of errors stating that a file/command doesn't exist, try running dos2unix on the file to resolve the CRLF/LF errors.

If you install the init script and upon reboot find that only the snort process is running, it is because the init script for snortbarn ran BEFORE the init script for mysqld ran. To Determine when mysqld is configured to run it its runlevels, check /etc/init.d/mysqld. You'll want to pay attention to this line in particular:

# chkconfig: - 64 36
the first number, 64 indicates what number the rc startup script will get on startup. Linux rc scripts determine what services run or are killed on a particular run level. Every rc script as a K for Kill order, an S for Start order, followed by a number and the name of the symlinked script from /etc/init.d. RC scripts are read in numeric order. So if the rc script for snortbarn has an S number lower than 64, it will run before mysqld. snort will start up fine, but barnyard fails because it has no database to connect to.

To remedy this, you can modify the /etc/init.d/mysqld script to have a lower number than the snortbarn script in any of the /etc/rc[2-5].d directories, or modify the snortbarn script to have a higher number than the mysqld directory. This is a little confusing, so let's look at an example:

run this command: ls -al /etc/rc?.d/S*snortbarn

this command shows you each runlevel snortbarn is configured to start on.

now, run this command: ls -al /etc/rc?.d/S*mysqld

this command shows you the runlevels mysqld is set to run on. Don't worry about how many results you get.

If mysqld's number is higher than snortbarn's number, the mysqld process will not be running before snort and barnyard are configured to run. No database running means barnyard2 won't run. Let's say snortbarn had a number of 63, and mysqld has a number of 64. edit /etc/init.d/mysqld and change the chkconfig to something like this:

# chkconfig: - 62 36

save your changes and run chkconfig --add mysqld. This should fix the problem.

I've added the above documention to the other notes section of the CentOS readme. The snortbarn script is now available via github.

Special Note: Would like to thank Tactical FLEX/Aanval for hosting the initial version of this init script that I based this one off of. Would also like to thank Mike Miller for the initial idea of moving away from rc.local and building out a legitimate init script for autosnort.

Happy Snorting,


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