Wednesday, January 2, 2013

PulledPork Integration announcements

Hello AS users,

I'm finally back to working on Autosnort after my long holiday hiatus.

Several users reported problems with the pulled pork integration script for CentOS not working as it is supposed to, failing to install many things, create directories, etc. I think I've traced this issue down to my script attempting to wget a nonexist rpm, the EPEL repository rpm for 6.7 no longer exists and has been replaced by an EPEL repository rpm for 6.8. For the time being I've modified the name of the file downloaded, but sometime in the future I will design a check the same way I check for the latest version of snort/snort rules from to ensure the proper EPEL file is downloaded and used during the snort installation process. I've tested the fixed script against CentOS 32 and 64-bit editions and it seems to work reliably.

In addition to this I have released an autosnort script for ubuntu that also features pulledpork integration. I have tested this against 32-bit and 64-bit ubuntu as well and have found it to work reliably.

Happy Snorting!

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